Windows 7 “Default Gateway” Problem


Tim DavisSo I am all excited to install the new Windows 7 Ultimate x64 operating environment. The installation was a breeze – but the internet setup not so. I would have thought that the internet setup would have been a piece of cake – but unfortunately I was sorely mistaken. Now I am a huge Microsoft Fan (although I also use an iMac) and was a bit perturbed when this happened – hoping that Mum & Dad Windows 7 users wouldn’t face the same issues.  The solution was relatively easy to fix but did require a little bit of playing around as the cmd –> Run as Administrator console was denying all relevant “ipconfig /renew” or “ipconfig /release” commands.

In the end – I discovered the solution as:

  1. If you have already setup your internet and you are now getting this error – you MUST click Start –> Type “cmd” –> Right Click –> Run as Administrator
  2. A black window will appear (for those who have never done this) – you must type in “netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt” and “netsh winsock reset c:\winsock.txt
  3. You must now reset your computer.
  4. On reboot – right click on the “Network Connections” and open the “Network & Sharing Center”
  5. Click on whatever connection you have – a new window will appear with “Details, Properties, Disable, Diagnose” buttons
  6. Click on “Properties” and then uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCIP/IPv6)” checkbox.
  7. Click OK and then Close.

Now you can either Reopen this console if you need to enter a Static IP Address or you can ask Windows to find your Network via the “Network & Sharing Center”. Everything will now work (or should anyway!)
  • Something like this can also happens on
    Windows 2008 R2 (and looks like its really a bug)…

    How to detect problem:
    1) run “ipconfig”
    2) check “Default Gateway” parameter here
    3) Sometimes you will have that is in most cases wrong… (in network settings in visual mode you will not see this, that is why you need to run manually ipconfig!)

    I fix this with a little more simple command that in this post:
    “route DELETE”

    Hope this will help :)

  • Tim Davis

    Hi! :)

    Yes, its true – the first step I originally took was to open “cmd” and run “route PRINT” to see list of IPs – problem was that Default Gateway only occurred once Static IP was entered in IPv4 – so route DELETE didn’t help because it would reappear again after I reopened IPv4 to enter in my Static Gateway. This was why I thought perhaps it was related to IPv6 which was assigned the Gateway?

  • Juan D

    The problem is the Bonjour services of CS3

    I fix it with this instructions…!9415F61CBB1A8030!1819.entry

    i hope works for u too…


  • Felix

    If you have Photoshop installed this can also cause your Windows Neworking in setting the Default gateway to This is due to a Bonjour Service being installed wich, during startup, starts up before your Windows Networking starts up. And since Bonjour is unable to find a working Network it pre-determines a gateway of wich is picked up by windows networking as the first gatway as soon as it starts up. Thus Windows Networking assigns itself that default gateway of wich will stop you from browsing anything that lies beyond a router. Disabling any Bonjour services should get rid of that pesky Default Gatway. After disabling Bonjour Services be sure to restart your PC. And Walla, the rest of the network is accessible again.

  • Nicholas

    I have this problem too but I don’t have Photoshop or Bonjour installed.

    I have disabled IPv6, will see if that solves it next reboot…

  • Nicholas

    That didn’t seem to help. When I booted today the phantom network adaptor was back. I checked, IPv6 is still disabled. No Adobe Bonjour service that I can find. So the source of this problem remains a mystery.

  • Peter

    Thanks, this works!
    I have set the Bonjour Service to manual and now everything is working again :)

    The display name is: ##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##
    and the filename is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe

  • imnavneet

    I am using windows 8 and when I am trying to reset “reset log.text” it show me failed. Yes, I am in cmd as administrator . My internet is not working Help?

  • Miro Radenovic

    on win 2k8r2 i was stuck with a default gateway that pointed to the local computer’s ip and your 2 commands flushed everthing and after the reboot i was able to set the correct gateway.
    thanks for posting the solution

  • its working thanks

  • Dexter P.

    I don’t have Bonjour Services … so .. :-(

  • rahul

    its not working:(

  • rahul

    my pc default gatewway show how to fix this problam plz tell me :(

  • mudasar shaik

    it working thank u solve my problem

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