KAH Conceptualization


Tim DavisWell, I intended on posting every few days but clearly that went out the window across the last couple of weeks as I’ve been pretty flat out with work.┬áToday I am proposing a new theoretical social conceptualization model that I have considered and pondered in my mind over a long period of time. I have preferred to present this as a relatively short paper for now rather than a very long blog post with the hope that readers of this paper can print it and go away and add some further thought and critical analysis to it.┬áBest viewed in Full Screen via below or at this link.

  • Sammy J

    Hi Tim Davis,You are clearly and evidently becoming increasing more intelligent than I. Is there anyway i can increase the bandwith within my brain to encourage a broader spectrum of thoughts without inversely affecting my sleeping routine? Is sleep inveresely proportional to intelligence.I look forward to exchanging ideas and eventually “downloading” large sections of your brain into mine.Sam JenkinsonMelbourne, Victoria

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