Here are some papers that I have written on a variety of topics, I have many more of these but I only post the interesting ones for you to check out. Feel free to write to me if you want to discuss things more as I’m always open to comments, arguments, different points-of-view and so forth.

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1. YouTube and Myspace – A comparison of Australian and American Copyright Laws.

2. Open Source Software – Are patents going to stop the open source movement ?

3. The Google Book Project & Copyright Law

4. Location Based Services (LBS) & Technologies Overview

5. The Legal and Technical influence on the Employment Relationship

6. The Relationship between Workplace Conflict, Stress and Justice

7. Should a corporate group be liable for the debts of other companies?

8. Disclosure is necessary but not sufficient for effective securities regulation

9. Works of Artistic Craftmanship and Copyright

10. Sovereign & Diplomatic Immunity for War Crimes

11. The Contemporary Significance of Territorial Sovereignty

12. Mabo – A Case Overview

13. An Explaination of the Basel II Framework in the Australian Market

14. Civil Procedure – Offers of Compromise

15. Evidence – Voluntary Confessions

16. Trusts – Quistclose Trusts

17. Advanced Property – Power of Sale

18. Constitutional – Austin v Commonwealth

19. The Use of Trademarks in Meta Tags & Sponsored Links

20. Entrepreneurial Risk in Corporate Law

21. Defamation – Polly Peck Defense

22. Environment – VCEC Environmental Report Review

23. Statutory & Personal Right to Privacy in Victoria, Australia

24. Construction Law – Superintendents

25. Construction Law – Contract Formation & Risk

26. ACTA – Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

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